What is our lymphatic system?

Lymphatic system
The lymphatic system
While Ayurveda pays big attention to the lymphatic system, our modern medicine hardly considers it until it is too late. It is probably the most unknown system in our human body. Nobody seems to care about it. But what is the lymphatic system?
Imagine your blood as running tap. Your lymphatic system would be equal to the drain that filters the water. Your lymphatic system has around twice the size of your blood system.
Now when you have a clogged drain at home, what would you do? You would free the drain, right? So why isn’t our western medicine doing so? A doctor will check your blood and tell you some things like you have high cholesterol levels. He will prescribe you something to lower the cholesterol and prevent any heart diseases. This is good, but he will mostly have a look at the blood and probably won’t even take the clogged drain in consideration.
The lymphatic system removes toxins from all of your bodily cells and it regulates your immune system. It can stay clogged for many years. And so we are forced to adopt to an environment of toxins that stress and damage our immunity.
The ability to detoxify is essentiell to have optimal health and a long Life. When our lymphatic system gets too congested, it loses its ability to remove toxins efficiently. It is through your lymphatic system, that your body removes toxins from each cell of the body.
Signs of a clogged lymphatic system are:
– Sweling fingers, legs, feet, encles, face
– Stiffness and soreness in the morning
– Fatigue
– Bloatings
– Ithchy skin
– Water retentions
– Sensitive, sore and swollen breast
– Dry skin
– Mental confusion
– Cold hands and feet
The immune system’s B and T cells are mainly active in the lymphatic nods of the body. So if the lymphatic systems is clogged, we experience a weak immunity. This is the result of a compromise between the two systems.
Factors that cause clogging are:
– Stress: Stress is degenerating and lymph clogging
– Digestive imbalances: A good digestion is fundamental for detoxification, assimilation and immunity.
– Iodine deficiency: Iodine help mitigating the effects of toxicity and supports your lymph drainage.
Stress causes an acidic environment 
Your body is forced to release stress-balancing hormones to keep your energy up during stress moments.
These hormones (such as cortisol) create waste products, so called free-radicals. What is very bad is that these free radicals are very acidic. This slowly causes the blood and cellular chemistry to become acidic.
What can you do?
1) Eat with the season: This is simple and very important. Do a research or keep your eyes open and find out what is growing right now. We humans lost this connection and we eat nearly everything all year long. This in an incredible work for the lymphatic system.
2) Sleep at night: Don’t try to undergo stress by sedating yourself during late-night hours. People often tend to not sleep when stress is given. They stay awake and feel some kind of calmness at night. But this calmness will turn into more stress later on. So, go to bed. No matter how much stress and things you have to do. Staying awake will lead to more tiredness, more mood problems and general irritability.
3) Drink enough water: And only water! Juice, tea coffee or anything else doesn’t count.
A test you can do:
Drink every 10-15 minutes a sip of hot water. Do this for one full day and be super strict on this. Seriously, every 10-15 minutes one sip of hot water from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. 
Now, if at night when you stop drinking, you crave for more water and you have dry lips, then these are clear signs that your lymphatic system is clogged.
In this case continue the hot water sipping for two more weeks. Additionally to the hot water you also drink between 2,5 – 3,5 liters of water (depending on your bodyweight). Simply drink a lot. And drink the water at room temperature.
A magical herb to treat this condition is the Ayurvedic herb Manjistha (Rubia Cardifolia).
I highly recommend this to you if you suffer from low immunity or a clogged lymphatic system.
It supports naturally the removal of toxic waste in the body. Cherries, pomegranate, beets and berries are also good options.
Best time to do a Detox is spring time. At this time nature also provides all the foods that are supportive for a Detox. Eat local, eat fresh.
So, are you curious? Do you want to find out if a Detox would be necessary for you? Bring it to the test! Do the one day hot water sipping and comment how it went. We are curious.

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