Nasya Ayurveda
What is “Nasya”? 
It is an amazing way to cleanse your sinuses. Especially to treat acute and chronic sinusitis it is so wonderful. Your nose is the doorway into your head. Nasya makes use of this. You basically clean your head from the inside and also balance your central nervous system.
To make Nasya more efficient you can massage shoulder, neck, face and head region and prepare your body. This releases additionally toxins and removes the disturbed Dosha (bio-dynamique energy).
Now you introduce the oil into your nose. This is the actual Nasya. 
You can use sesame oil or ghee. Even better if you use Anu Thailam. This is an oil infused with many different Ayurvedic herbs. You should be able to find this online or in an Indian store.
Nasya is a pretty simple technique. Most people find it comfortable. Your sinuses and your head will feel light and alive. Signs of a successful treatment are improved sleep, better function of your sensory organs and an improved emotional state.
Why Nasya? – Indications:
– Acute and chronic sinusitis,
– Asthma
– Allergies / Hay fever
– Hair loss
– Chronic fatigue
– Migraines and headaches of any type
– Rheumatic disease
– Cervical spondylitis
– Arthrosis
– Neuralgia 
– Facial paralysis 
– MS
– Prevents allergies
– Improves eye health
– Prevents hair loss / delay of hair greying
– Prevents deafness
– Strengthens the teeth
– Strengthens the sense organs
– Improves Sleep
– Balances your mental state
Types of Nasya
– Purification (Shodhana)
– Elimination (Virecana)
– Relief / Soothing (Shamana)
– Strengthening (Brimhana)
– Reducing Vata-Dosha
Two ways of Nasya:
This is performed daily the first thing in the morning after waking up.
– Lay down on your back and keep your face straight up towards the ceiling. Add two drops of sesame oil or ghee into each nostril. Then squeeze your nose gently and as you release your nose, you breath the oil into your throat. When the oil has arrived into your throat you can spit it out.
This is a great way to keep a lot of problems away and to nourish your face and head from the inside.
Here you also give medicated or non-medicated oil or ghee into your nose (or ideally Anu Thailam). The procedure is similar, but you use more oil. To do so you simply dip your small finger into the oil or ghee and then let the oil drip into your nostril. First one side, then you dip again and introduce the oil into your other nostril.
Then massage your nostrils for a few seconds from the outside and inside and then suck the air and oil through your nose into your throat from where you can spit it out. If you don’t like to use your little finger, then you can also just introduce 8-30 drops of the oil or ghee into each nostril with a pipette. Start maybe with a bit less and increase the amount of oil daily.
Also always try to protect your head, forehead and ears from wind. Especially during or straight after the oil application.
If you suffer from chronic or acute sinusitis, hay fever or asthma, then you can additionally do some inhalations. Best performed at night before going to bed (to avoid any cold or wind during and after the inhalation). Bring water to boil, add some chamomile flowers (or what you like) and take the pot off the heat.
Now inhale for 10 minutes. You can do the inhalation up to four times a day. Just make sure you don’t get any wind or cold during or minimum 30 minutes after doing so.
To clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner is something that goes very well with Nasya.
Gargle 1-2 tablespoons of sesame oil in the morning for 5 -20 minutes. Then spit the oil into a napkin an throw it into a bin. Now take a spoon or ideally a tongue scraper and clean you tongue with gentle strokes from the back of your tongue to the front. Do 5-10 strokes and rinse your tool after each stroke. 
And again: Feel free to comment your experiences or to ask any questions.

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