Jihwa Prakshalana – Scraping the tonge with copper

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Jihwa Prakshalana – Scraping the tongue with copper
Did you know that your body is detoxifying through your tongue? If you have high amounts of Ama (toxins) in your body then you can see a white coating on the back of your tongue. These are toxins that your body tries to get rid of.
It is an ancient practice to scrape the tongue with a copper spoon or ideally with a copper tongue scrub first thing in the morning. You basically scrape gently away the white coating on the back of your tongue.
It is getting more and more popular all around the world, for a good reason: Many studies have proven the efficiency of the tongue scrape.
– Reduces harming bacteria in the mouth and promotes gum, teeth and oral health.
– Reduces bad breath
– Improves the taste
– Takes out toxines of the body
– Changes the environment in the mouth to a more beneficial one
But why is Jihwa Prakshalana ideally performed with a copper tongue scrup?
The power of copper
Modern medicine started just 20-30 years ago to recognize the medicinal value of copper. It is officially recognized as the first metallic antimicrobial agent. Recent studies prove a reduction of bacteria counts found on surfaces by more than 80 percent.
In the past many households got their water delivered through copper pipes. Nowadays most of them got exchanged by plastic pipes.
I recommend you to get yourself a copper jug or some copper cups for home.
Copper is very supportive to your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system carries your immunity and is responsible for the transportation of toxins out of your system.
The copper ions help dissolving congestions and promote a better flow of plasma in your lymphatic system.
So back to the tongue scrape: How does it work?
You wake up and that’s the first thing you do: You scrape your tongue around 5-10 times from the back to the front. Do it very gently and go as far to the back as it is pleasant for you. After each scrape rinse your tool and then scrape again. After you are done with this, you rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth.
Now you can do the oil pulling if you wish. This detoxifies and nourishes your mouth additionally. To do so take a table spoon of sunflower oil or sesame oil in your mouth and rinse for minimum 20 minutes. Then spit it into a napkin and throw it in the bin. Don’t swallow the oil as it contains a lot of toxins now. And don’t spit it into your drain, as this might clog your water pipes after doing the oil pulling over a longer period of time.
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