What it all comes down to: Are you happy or not?

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Taking care for yourself means taking care for the future
The body is a print out of our consistent thoughts. By violating simple, basic laws of nature through our thoughts and actions we create imbalances. These imbalances not only affect ourselves, but also our children and the following generations.
Genetic diseases are nothing but stresses that our ancestors experienced maybe 100.000 years ago!
Theses stresses are saved in our genetical code and not only there. Also us as people we change our characters due to an imbalance and pass this imbalanced state of behaving also on to our kids.
The basic processes of our bodies that get disturbed are:
– eating
– breathing
– digestion
– metabolisme
– elimination
– consciousness: This one controls all the other actions (a network of communication, intelligence, information)
By taking appropriate care for these processes you will eliminate around 95% of all diseases.
The other 5% of disease are the genetic ones. As I said: These are stresses that our ancestors experienced. By taking care for ourselves in this Life we have the chance to take action in the future.
Be the change you want to see in this world!
We are the thoughts that have created a physical machine.
We create the mind. We are not the mind! We also create the body. But are not the body. And through this body and this mind we experience this Life.
The body is a dynamic field of energy, information and intelligence that is constantly renewing itself. You have a new skin every few days on a cellular level, or a complete new body in a few years. But also in cases of an imbalance (for example cancer) the imbalance is being rebuild again and again. The cancer cells that were in someones body a year ago are not there anymore. There are new ones.
This, the underlying quantum mechanically framework is the same (the cellular memory is the same, the underlying physiological precesses at a non-material level are the same)
So unless we don’t change our fundamental beliefs, our basic core, or let’s say our interpretation of what’s happening we won’t eradicate our genetically imprinted stresses. We have to work on our interpretation of Life.
What it all come down to is:
Are you happy? Do you have fun? If you signalize your body on the deepest level that this is all good, then your body will mobilize his powers to interfere and reprogram things again.
If you signalize your body that this is bad, this is terror, this is terrible, then your body creates things like cortisol, testosterone, adrenaline and all sorts of things that harm the immune system.
So by getting a positiv overview of Life you not only help yourself, but also the future to improve.
I hope you liked this article and I hope you are having cosy days.

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