Losing weight or what?

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During my years of Ayurvedic work I have had many people asking me about weight loss. Basically they wanted to lose weight.

Now, are you really overweight? Or is it possible that you just need to learn to accept yourself the way you are?

I give you an example. A young girl contacted me because she heard from a friend that I do good work. She wanted to meet me in person. So we met in a coffee and we had a chat. It was very obvious to me that this girl had a very strong Kapha dominance in her Prakruti. Her hair, her nose, her lips, her forehead, her teeth, her eyes her arms and tight, her nails. All this was strongly Kapha.

I knew she was interested in my work for the purpose to lose weight. And even though she was a Kapha in a perfect shape I kept still and waited. I let her talk.

She was going to university and she was working in a fitness studio. She told me that she doesn’t even eat that much but she just can’t manage to lose weight. I don’t remember her exact weight anymore but it wasn’t too much at all.

After I had listened to her for quite a while I asked her the simple question: What would your ideal me look like? And without any hesitation she pointed with her finger towards a picture that was hanging behind me at the wall. I hadn’t noticed it before. So I turned around and what do I see?

I saw a Pitta-Kapha woman, also very symmetric, harmonious, strong lips, strong hair, but with a sharp Pitta nose, nit eyebrows in arch shape, a Pitta reflection on the skin, the typical Pitta eyes, Pitta arm and tight, Pitta buttocks and so on. A lot of Pitta.

Back then I was much younger and probably not so wise in my choice of words. So what I basically told her was: You will never look like this. And if you do so, then you won’t be as beautiful and happy as right now.

I said this to make her understand that she just doesn’t have this body type. That she was different.

But you know what happened? She felt so embarrassed, she got up up with a red face and without saying a word she just left.
I was a bit shocked. But that was OK for me. I knew she was intelligent enough to understand sooner or later what I had tried to tell her.

And so she did. A few days later she contacted me again. This time for another reason. She wanted to know what her Dosha was and how she could learn to be more happy with herself.

Wow, that was beautiful. What a change, no? Before she wanted to lose weight. And she wasn’t obese at all. She is just a roundish and strong person. Thats who she was, who she is.
And now she contacted me again to hear more about what I had to tell her.

I will always keep her in my heart and I will always tell her story again and again. Because it is very often the case that a strong Kapha doesn’t recognise his / her own beauty. And this is the actual work that I have to get into.

I am telling you this story because you could be like her. Suffering because you believe that you have to look like Angelina Jolie, while you are actually more of the Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse in balance) type.

Feel free to contact me. And we will find out.
And just in case that you are really obese:
Don’t you worry, chicken curry. Each and every time I have worked with someone on losing weight we were successful. 100% No fails at all. And no eating carrots or suffering either. My promise to everyone: If you are supposed to lose weight, we will get there in no time.

I wish you well my brothers and sisters. May all beings be free from suffering and may all beings be truly happy and in harmony. 

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