Brahmi Thailam – A good answer to modern world’s challenges

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Brahmi Thailam – An answer to modern world’s dieseases
Let’s say it straight: Our modern societies suffer more and more from diseases that were very rare only 50 years ago. The high-speed at which everything seems to happen, all the stimulations we are opposed to, the challenges we are facing as a human race, all this causes a lot of stress. Even on sub-atomical level. Information is being processed wrongly. Our cellular intelligence gets clogged by toxic morbid, metabolic waste and we get increasingly sick.
Ayurveda offers help
Avoiding stress is probably the most efficient medicine of the 21st century.
There are various things you can do to live a more balanced Life.
Besides of Lifestyle-adjustments, psychotherapy and nutritional adjustments, Ayurveda also offers wonderful herbs and formulas, that can help us coping with many imbalances caused by stress.
Brahmi Thailam is one of these ancient powerful formulas.
Thailam means oil, so Brahmi Thailam is Brahmi-oil (together with Heerataki (Terminella Chebulla) and Bhringraj (Eclipta Elba))
You massage this oil daily at night for 10 – 15 minutes into your skull and face. It will help you coping with stresses that you may have experienced during the day and in the past. It is especially good in cases of mental disorders, tiredness and redness of eyes, general tiredness due to overworking, emotional mood swings due to high pressure or other stress related problems.
Massaging mobilizes stagnant energy and helps removing toxins from your tissues into your blood, from where your liver and kidneys can filter them out. Massages are highly efficient in Vata related disorders (Vata = air and space element).
This ancient formula and your massages can bring in a massiv change into your Life quality. Give this oil a chance. Massage it for at least 14 days every night into your skull and also face. It has proven its effectiveness through out millennia. 
Another potent formula is Anu Thailam
Anu Thailam and Brahmi Thailam go wonderfully together. They work for them same purpose: Stress balance. This formula is composed of Jeevanti (Leptadenia Reticulata), Devadaru (Deodara), Jalada (Cyperus Rotundus) and Twak (Cinnamomus Zcylanicum). It will additionally help improving your memory and the function of your four senses (nose, ears, eyes and tongue). Anu Thailam is also very useful for all kinds of nervous system disorders. The oil revitalizes the brain cells and therefore improves their functioning.
Add 2-4 drops of the oil in each nostril, 3-4 times a day.
Just by implementing these two oils into your daily routine you will soon experience a huge change in your reaction during stress moments. Take this oil for at least two weeks to see results.
Feel free to come back here to this blog post after using the oil for two weeks and share your experience with us.
Be happy

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