Bibhitaki – Terminalia Belerica

Bibhitaki Plant
Bibhitaki (engl. Belleric Myrobalan, lat. Terminalia Belerica)
Bibhitaki is one of the most common Ayurvedic remedies.
The plant is a large deciduous tree that is found in hilly landscapes throughout India. The word “Vibheetaki or engl. Bibhitaki” is Sanskrit and means „the fruit that eliminates the fear of diseases“. Bibhitaki is one of the three compounds of Triphala (three-fruits). The most subscribed Ayurvedic Formula.
It is used
– as a potent rejuvenator (Rasayana)
– to treat lung imbalances (like asthma, cough, etc. – mix the powder with honey and eat twice a day a teaspoon)
– to support the hair growth (also good in cases of dandruff, strengthens the root, makes the hair shine – drink the powder with lukewarm water twice a day)
– to promote eyesight
– to stop acne and ulcers (boil water and powder, make a paste and apply to the acne-affected areas. It heals acne very quickly and prevents from scarring)
– to clean the colon and increase its tone
– to get rid of all kinds of bodily stones
– to release all kinds of congestions in the body
– to boost the immune system
– for constipation (a natural laxative which contains a lot of fibre and help against constipation)
– to treat headaches
– to lose weight (Bibhitaki is a natural blood cleanser. It helps removing toxins from the body and keeps the digestive system healthy. The medicinal plant contains fiber, which helps with the digestion of food)
– to treat diabetes (many diabetes medications have side effects in regulating blood sugar levels, however, Bibhitaki has no side effects)
The Bibhitaki fruit is very nutritious as it contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is a rich source of:
– vitamin C
– selenium
– manganese
– potassium
– iron
– copper
Bibhitaki basically helps balancing the Kapha Dosha (earth and water element) and the Pitta Dosha (fire element). It is heating but not aggravating Pitta (fire element)!
How to take Bibhitaki:
You can have 3-6 gr of the powder daily (1 – 2 good teaspoons). Just give the powder into a glass, add some lukewarm water and drink it sip by sip.
Bibhitaki side effects
Terminalia bellirica is not recommended during pregnancy as it may reduce the production of breast milk. People with underweight should not take this medicinal plant either.

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