The science of Life

In Ayurveda we assume that the entire universe was created from the five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth. These qualities are also presented in you. The unique combination of these elements gives each person their individual character, their unique fingerprint. One person is more airy than the other, or less grounded. Another is very hot and fiery.
Whether you want to meet us in Thailand or have a consultation with us, we read your body’s attributes to find out the proportions of these elements in your constitution.
Depending on which elements are dominant in you,  you have specific qualities and needs.
For example, if you have many features of fire, then you should act accordingly. The fire wants to be lived out.
Imagine a dachshund in a dog race. He will not do well against the greyhound. Or imagine a husky sitting in the apartment all day long. He too will not be in his element. This inadequate way of life causes imbalances, ie diseases (dis-ease).  
Healing starts from the inside 
The Ayurvedic knowledge of the Doshas will help you find clarity. You will learn to use Ayurveda for a healthier, happier life through understanding yourself and through accepting and loving yourself. 
To experience positive changes, moral action is of fundamental importance. 
After all, how can someone really be happy or healthy, while lying, taking drugs or otherwise behaving immorally? Impossible. 
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Morality – The right livelihood
We do not expect moral intentions from you so that one day you will go to heaven.
You do that for yourself. 
Cleanse your mind.
Moral behavior is essential to experience a life of true harmony and true peace.
Without this basis, there is no chance for deeper healing.
Your body and mind are both not ready to accept the process of self healing.
A healthy routine will help you build stability. This stability is the prerequisite to go the path of real healing lovingly and sustainably.
Whether you are interested in a  Ayurvedic detoxification retreat in Thailand or an Ayurvedic online consultation: The holistic aspect plays the main role. 
We include your story, your relationships with your family, your environment, your work, the place you live, your way of thinking and acting, your food and much more in our definition of “health”. 
Just because someone doesn’t have pain does not mean that he is wholly healthy.
Detoxifying your body and mind
Today, factors such as stress, unhealthy routines, and unhealthy ways of thinking play a major role in creating imbalances. The amount of accumulated suffering is so overwhelming for many in this society that a therapy often only shows success, when one parallels their treatment with a mental detox.
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Loving conversations and warm human touch speed up the process of healing immensely.
At Dhamma Ayurveda, we address both your physical needs as well as your thinking patterns and behaviors detoxifying you also mentally. 
Our mind is deeply connected with our body and our emotions. 
Our body creates toxins when we live mentally unhealthy. Stress, a hectic life, fear, anger, sadness or grief affect our intestinal activity. The food is not digested properly and we accumulate Ama (toxins). 
In stressful moments, our body supplies our arms and legs with more blood while cutting down on the blood supply to the internal organs. The intestine is affected by this austerity. Our brain assumes that there is a danger and wants to mobilize to save us. 
We are ready to run, fight or otherwise become active. When in reality we just can’t find our house key, or become a little late to an appointment.
In many people, the part of the nervous system that is responsible in dangerous situations is permanently active. 
The intestine suffers particularly from this malfunction of the nervous system. 
It does not manage to neatly digest and absorb the food. 

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