Bibhitaki Plant

Bibhitaki – Terminalia Belerica

Bibhitaki (engl. Belleric Myrobalan, lat. Terminalia Belerica) Bibhitaki is one of the most common Ayurvedic remedies. The plant is a large deciduous tree that is found in hilly landscapes throughout India. The word “Vibheetaki or engl. Bibhitaki” is Sanskrit and means „the fruit that eliminates the fear of diseases“. Bibhitaki is one of the three …

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Acidity – Amlapitta

Acidity – The most common imbalance in Ayurveda What is acidity? Acidity is not just the well-known “acid reflux” or “heartburn”.Acidity can lead to many chronic imbalances in our body.These include chronic gastrointestinal disturbances, reflux esophagitis (esophagitis), gastric ulcer, osteoporosis, neurodermatitis or rheumatism / gout, allergies, diabetes, depression, fatigue, lack of energy.There is also very …

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The Liver

The Liver With around 1,5 kg your liver is your heaviest organ. It is located in the upper right corner of your abdomen. The liver is one of the most important organs in humans. Your liver is a detoxification organ. It is your body’s chemical factory. It aids digestion. It cleanses the blood. It produces …

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The eight limbs of Yoga

Patanjali Yoga – Also known as Ashtanga More than two thousand years ago a wise Yogi named Patanjali wrote down the “Eightfold path”. A guide for a meaningful and happy Life. This eightfold path is known as Ashtanga (Ash= eight, Tanga=limbs). The eightfold path describes a way to achieve total liberation from the duality, through …

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