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Losing weight or what?

During my years of Ayurvedic work I have had many people asking me about weight loss. Basically they wanted to lose weight. Now, are you really overweight? Or is it possible that you just need to learn to accept yourself the way you are? I give you an example. A young girl contacted me because …

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Agricultural soy plantation on sunny day - Green growing soybeans plant

Soy – Edible or not?

Facts you should know about soy, especially when you are pregnant. There is a lot of controversy out there about soy. Some praise it for its high nutritional value, others call it inedible. The reason for some people to call it inedible is a certain toxic anti-nutrient in soy, that is extremely hard to digest. …

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Nasya Ayurveda


What is “Nasya”? It is an amazing way to cleanse your sinuses. Especially to treat acute and chronic sinusitis it is so wonderful. Your nose is the doorway into your head. Nasya makes use of this. You basically clean your head from the inside and also balance your central nervous system.To make Nasya more efficient you …

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Agni - The digestive fire

Agni – The fire of Life

More important than what we eat is how we digest what we eat. Agni is the fire of Life which transforms food into energy. If Agni gets out of balance, many problems arise.  Digestion is a main aspect in Ayurvedic medicine We pay big emphasis on the process of your digestion whereas the allopathic medicine (our …

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Lymphatic system

What is our lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system While Ayurveda pays big attention to the lymphatic system, our modern medicine hardly considers it until it is too late. It is probably the most unknown system in our human body. Nobody seems to care about it. But what is the lymphatic system? Imagine your blood as running tap. Your lymphatic system …

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